Rugby Pitch Drainage Joint Improvements Initiative

“Turfdry has created a special offer package for rugby clubs in conjunction with the RFU. High quality natural turf pitches are a priority for the RFU and we recognize the positive impact the Turfdry installations have had on the drainage of pitches at Aspatria RFC and Marple RFC in the past few years.”

Ted Mitchell - Club Facilities Technical Manager, RFU (2017)


The Importance of Drainage

The importance of rugby pitch drainage cannot be overstated. The standard of drainage will not only determine the number of fixtures lost during a wet winter, but also has a massive effect on the overall condition of a rugby pitch. According to Stewart's 'Sports Turf  - Science, Construction & Maintenance':

"Excess surface mostiure over a long period will generally lead to:

  • 1. greatly reduced aeration of the soil;
  • 2. less resistance to tear wear;
  • 3. inefficient use of plant nutrients;
  • 4. reduced root development;
  • 5. less resistance to drought;
  • 6. late and slow growth in the spring;
  • 7. increased susceptibility to disease."

The Turfdry Drainage System

Turfdry’s unique drainage system uses Hydraway Sportsdrain as a single-tier alternative to a traditional two-tier drainage system consisting of perforated plastic pipe lateral drains overlain by perpendicular sand-over-gravel slit-drains. The Turfdry Drainage System is tried, tested and proven in UK sports pitch drainage applications over more than 20 years. Hydraway Sportsdrain takes in water much more quickly than plastic pipe, yet can be installed in much narrower trenches, thereby delivering... 

Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Disturbance.

More detailed information about the Turfdry Drainage System can be found here.

The Turfdry Drainage System can transform a saturday afternoon from this:

Aspatria Rugby Club, 1st XV Pitch - 2014

To This:

Aspatria Rugby Club, 1st XV Pitch - 2017


A new drainage system represents a considerable long-term financial investment for any rugby club.

Assistance with funding for new rugby pitch drainage can be sought from various sources. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Even with good drainage installed, it is crucial to adopt good maintenance practices to ensure that optimum efficiency is obtained the Turfdry Drainage System in the decades after its installation. The RFU has established 'Rugby Groundsmen Connected' to help spread best maintenance practices throughout rugby clubs in England, and includes access to valuable resources such as RFU Head Groundsman, Keith Kent’s month by month guide to rugby pitch maintenance.

FOr Further information

Please contact Turfdry via: or telephone 01283 551417 / 07836 259133 and ask for Melvyn Taylor (M.D.)