Offer to RFU Clubs Seeking Rugby Pitch Drainage Improvements


Turfdry offers a unique, tried, tested and proven solution to waterlogged rugby pitches (The Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain) and is offering a free feasibility and drainage design service to RFU affiliated clubs.


Turfdry is a sports turf drainage specialist with over 20 years experience and an impeccable track record with hundreds of clients. We offer a full range of drainage solutions (plastic pipe systems, gravel-sand slit drainage, etc.) in addition to our unique Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain, which has a water inflow rate 3X greater than 100mm plastic pipe, yet can be installed in very narrow (50mm width) trenches, causing minimum surface disruption to existing rugby pitches.

Proven Performance of The Turfdry Drainage System

The Turfdry Drainage System has been tried, tested and proven in UK sports turf applications since 1995, with our earliest systems still performing well after more than two decades. The system delivers maximum drainage efficiency with minimum installation disturbance. An independent customer satisfaction survey by STRI covered 20% of all UK Hydraway installations over an eleven-year period and reported in 2003 that 100% of clients contacted found the system to be effective. Trials monitored by the RFU at Marple RFC (2010) and Aspatria RFC (2012 and 2015) where the system was installed as a single-tier alternative to conventional two-tier (plastic pipe and slit-drain) systems have proven extremely successful.

The Offer

Any RFU affiliated club approaching Turfdry for drainage advice would receive:

  1. A free initial desk-top study using Google Earth to provide basic topographical information, site measurements, and budget costs - based on a Schedule of Rates (reviewed annually) for RFU affiliated clubs.

  2. Clubs with a reasonable prospect of funding new drainage works, based on budget costs provided, would receive FREE:
    • Site visit
    • Consultation
    • Topographical levels survey
    • Detailed drainage design drawing
    • Fully-costed works schedule in accordance with RFU 'Affiliated Club' Agreed Rates

For Further Information

Please contact Turfdry via: or telephone 01283 551417 / 07836 259133 and ask for Melvyn Taylor (M.D.)