Sports Pitch Drainage & Construction solutions for the educational sector

Turfdry have been providing top-of-the-class sports pitch drainage, renovation, design & construction services to the educational sector for nearly 25 years


The Turfdry Drainage System is the ultimate turf drainage system, combining maximum drainage efficiency with minimum disruption

Benefits of the Drainage System

Maximum Efficiency

  • The surface area of Hydraway Sportsdrain is 40% greater than a conventional plastic pipe, and 100% greater than 60mm plastic pipe.
  • Water can enter the drain through 75% of Hydraway's surface area compared with only 6% for plastic pipe.
  • Unlike conventional plastic pipe drains - which must be laid at a minimum gradient of 1 in 200 to prevent blockage through silt build-up - Hydraway Sportsdrain is proven to be effective even at zero gradient

Minimum Disruption

  • Hydraway Sportsdrain is less than one-third the width of 80mm plastic pipe and can therefore be installed in a much narrower trench.

Proven Performance

  • Hydraway has been used in a range of drainage applications worldwide since 1983. It was approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), and has been successfully installed in schemes funded by: The National Lottery; Sport England; Football Trust; Football Foundation; Rugby Football Foundation; and Rugby Football Union.

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