Pymmes Park Wetlands Construction Complete

Added: 3rd July 2015

Following the tremendous success of Turfdry’s work at Firs Farm Park in Enfield last year - which saw the restoration of a watercourse that had previously been diverted underground, and the construction of a flood barrier - Turfdry has again been contracted by Enfield Council, this time to construct wetlands and undertake playing field improvements at Pymmes Park, Edmonton.

Working in conjunction with the council, Turfdry helped design a scheme whereby material excavated to from the proposed wetland cells would be used to facilitate improvements elsewhere in the park. 

Whilst the works progressed smoothly, they were complicated by efforts to preserve the natural world. Certain trees in the park are of particular significance, and the logistics of the operation were shaped in such a way that machinery did not track over their roots; additionally, one particularly fine fir tree was moved from the site of the wetlands to elsewhere in the park.

The preservation of history, as well as nature, had a bearing on this project, as excavation works unearthed what appeared to be a small air raid shelter. A team of archeologists worked in conjunction with Turfdry for a number of days, revealing what was in fact quite a large communal air raid shelter that had likely been constructed just before World War II, for use by those in the park at the time of attack, as well as local residents. After recordings had been made, the majority of the shelter materials were buried beneath the wild-flower meadow, bar one wall, which was left for posterity.

With all excavation and re-levelling works completed, planting has taken place in the wetlands, which should flourish over the next 12 months. This will not only add further aesthetic value to the park, but also provide a rich habitat for plants and animals. 

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