Turfdry Employs Ground Penetrating Radar to Solve Drainage Puzzles at Great Barr Golf Club

Added: 19th January

Great Barr Golf Club, Birmingham - one of Turfdry's many satisfied UK golf course clients - has brought the firm in again to resolve drainage issues on the 464 yard Par 5 opening hole. The landing area for the second shot has been a long-term drainage problem despite several unsuccessful attempts to find a solution. Turfdry's 20-year experience and specialism is now being utilised to resolve it once and for all. The area contains a mishmash of old drains - many of them blocked - and so Turfdry has employed the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques, in addition to satellite surveying of the course topography, to map the existing network of buried drains. The GPR equipment, in conjunction with an experienced surveyor to interpret the raw data, can provide precise information on the location and depth of a wide range of buried services and objects, including land drains.

The overall solution is likely to include re-contouring and re-draining a section of the fairway, in addition to removing and replacing old blocked drains, and connecting any existing functional drains into the new system.

Check out the gallery below to see the process in action and its results, and don't forget to come back to the website later in the year to see how this project develops.