Turfdry Return to Sundridge Park Golf Club for Fairway Drainage Project

Added: 18th October 2018

After the resounding success of the greens drainage works carried out by Turfdry on all 18 greens of Sundridge Park’s West Course in 2015 & 2016, the club had engaged Turfdry to begin two phases of greens drainage to cover all 18 holes of the East Course. However, wet winters have contributed to increased fairway drainage issues on the West Course’s fairways, leaving many of the newly dry greens stranded. Consequently, the club opted to delay the drainage works to the East Course by twelve months in order to focus its efforts on the West Course, installing fairway drainage in key problem areas over four holes. 

In order to keep the project within-budget, the system was designed with lateral Hydraway drains at variable spacing, with more closely spaced drains used to target the most troublesome areas. The lateral drains are connected to 100mm perforated plastic pipe carrier drains using bespoke fittings prior to the application separate layers of gravel and sand backfill.

Turfdry is delighted that Sundridge Park has continues to trust in its team, its product, and its expertise, and are relishing the opportunity to return in 2019 to continue its greens drainage work. 

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