A Cut in Time for Christmas at Passmores Academy

Added: 10th December 2014

Continuing the progression of the Passmores Academy playing field from a twisted, poorly draining patch of land into top quality sports facilities, Turfdry recently visited the site to carry out further maintenance in the form of a 'cut and collect'. The sward has been reduced from up to 125mm down to 50mm with this cut, as to maintain a healthy sward as we move into the winter months. Whilst this has resulted in some striking, striped turf, a further cut to take the sward length down to the optimal 30mm will be required to see it through the winter.

Both the school and Turfdry are keen to continue carelfully monitoring and maintaining the field through to late spring/early summer, at which point it will be officially 'handed over' to the school in time for the pupils to be let loose on a pristine surface for the cricket season.