Turfdry to the Rescue for Exeter Saracens RUFC

Added: 19th June 2016

The wet winter of 2015/16 took a hard toll on the rugby pitches at Exhibition Fields, owned by Exeter County Council, but also the home of Exeter Saracens RUFC. The 2nd XV pitch and adjacent training areas were unusable throughout the winter and were difficult to walk on - never mind play competitive sport. 

Via its Public Realm Department, Exeter City Council issued a tender in January 2016 for a plastic pipe drainage scheme for the site. In addition to tendering the most competitive submission for the plastic pipe drainage scheme, Turfdry also submitted an alternative design based on its unique Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain, which was similar to a previous successful scheme that Turfdry had installed for Exeter City Council in 2004.

The Council chose the Turfdry Drainage System for Exhibition Fields because it was convinced that it would provide greater technical efficiency, better value for money, and would be less disruptive to install.

Turfdry’s team worked closely with Exeter Saracens RUFC Chairman David McIlroy throughout the installation of the scheme in May 2016, and was highly praised upon completion of the works by Paul Faulkner, the client representative from Exeter City Council.

Be sure to check back to our news section to see how the field performs in the coming months.