Newly Promoted Fulham FC Make Drainage Improvements to Training Area

Added: 7th June 2018

Following the club’s successful campaign in the 2017/18 Championship season, which saw them gain promotion back into the Premier League via the playoffs after a dramatic run of good form, Fulham FC were looking to make some drainage improvements to their training facility. 

Although the club has comprehensive drainage already installed on its training pitches, the current system does not extend onto the surrounds, which was causing substantial damage to the surface, and disrupting training activities by diminishing the areas suitable for drills. Having received a “word of mouth” recommendation regarding the efficient performance and quick, minimally disruptive installation procedure for Hydraway Sportsdrain, they considered it to be the ideal solution to the waterlogged training area. 

The Turfdry team has arrived on site, and work on the drainage improvements has begun - check back soon to see the installation in action! 

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