The Turfdry Drainage System's Popularity with Rugby Clubs is on the Rise

Added: 3rd November 2017

Hot on the heels of the recently announced Turfdry Rugby Pitch Drainage Initiative for RFU Affiliated Clubs, one of the firm’s drainage teams has completed the installation of the Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain for Hellingly RFC, Sussex. The dual-use site - which also serves as the home of Hellingly Cricket Club during the summer months - suffers from persistent waterlogging throughout the winter, not only having a significant impact on the quality of the playing surface, but also regularly causing fixture cancellations. 

Following a site visit and detailed levels survey, Turfdry determined the field’s relatively shallow and inconsistent natural fall demanded the design for the drainage system take into consideration the slow natural movement of surface water across the pitch, which could potentially minimise the collection of surface water by the drainage system. The natural falls of the land do not provide the 1 in 200 gradient necessary for the long-term effectiveness of a plastic drainage system, and potentially overcoming this by laser-grading the trenches during installation would see the water collected by the system end up lower than its proposed outfall. 

To overcome these challenges, the unique Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain was recommended. This cutting-edge alternative to conventional plastic land drainage systems is effective at zero gradient, with its 120-150 micron diameter needle-punched holes allowing water ingress without allowing silt to build up inside the drain. As a result, the natural ‘head’ of water formed by rising water levels in the drain flushes water effectively from the system - which remains free from blockage. Furthermore, these microscopic holes cover approximately 75% the surface area of the Hydraway Sportsdrain, allowing for substantially greater water intake than the 6% infiltration area offered by conventional plastic pipe.

Impressed by Turfdry’s attention to detail, and the glowing testimony of Aspatria RUFC’s Head Groundsman (and IOG Volunteer Sports Groundsman of the Year 2013) John Heyworth - who has described the impact of the Turfdry Drainage System as “a revelation” - Hellingly RFC engaged Turfdry to carry out the installation of the pitch drainage system in September 2017. Turfdry operates two drainage teams, fully equipped with bespoke machinery capable of undertaking multiple operations simultaneously for efficient, specialist installation. 

Although the system’s true test will come with the wet weather of the winter months, the club have already been in touch with high praise for the firm’s work.

“Just wanted to say thank you to you, Alan and the team. They have worked exceptionally hard and it seems to me they have done a great job…I guess we won’t be able to confirm that until we have a few games on the pitch and a wet winter! But I am confident it will be positive, and for many years to come.”

Steve Wennington - Managing Director, Pro-Eco Ltd.

“Everyone is very happy with the work your company has done. Thank you.”

Jenny Hoodless - Hellingly Parish Clerk

With the drain-lines now seeded, we look forward to tracking the pitch’s progress through the winter, confident that the club will be delighted with the transformative effect the drainage system has on their home turf and completed fixtures lists!

To find out more about Turfdry’s sports pitch drainage solutions, visit the Sports Turf Drainage page, and RFC affiliated clubs can get details of Turfdry’s Rugby Pitch Drainage Initiative here.