Golf Course Fairway Drainage Installation & Pond Construction

Turfdry worked closely with Langley Park Golf Club from 1998 to 2010, when the club celebrated its centenary, to address drainage problems throughout the entire course. The works that Turfdry designed and installed included greens drainage with the Turfdry Drainage System, fairway drainage using both conventional plastic pipe and Hydraway Sportsdrain, and pond construction.

Langley Park Golf Club - Drainage Design

As with many long-established courses Langley Park GC found itself with widespread waterlogging problems as the old existing clay drainage system became defunct but it was unrealistic to instantly fund the cost if replacing an entire drainage system. In the circumstances the club made the sensible decision to concentrate initially on the most severe problems and fund the remainder of the project in phases.

The initial phase of works in 1998 was essentially a trial covering one green and one fairway, which was immediately deemed successful and was followed by further works in 1999 and 2000, which included the construction of a new pond.

The winter of 2000/01 was one of the wettest on record and following this the club decided to accelerate the proposed drainage improvements. As part of this strategy Turfdry was engaged to undertake a full topographical survey of the course and design appropriate drainage for large swathes of the course.

These major fairway drainage works were undertaken in autumn 2001, bringing total expenditure to date to over £100k. The drainage transformed the playability of the course and plans were drawn up in 2003 to drain the outstanding areas of the course but these were postponed in favour of other development proposals at the club.

The proposals were resurrected in 2010 when Turfdry was again chosen to finalise detailed drainage design plans and install drainage to the value of over £60k.



"Langley Park Golf Club has enjoyed a long association with Turfdry, who have worked with the Club over the past 12 years to improve our winter playing conditions. Their work has always been effective and the Club has been very pleased with the results. Personally, I have worked with Turfdry on a number of projects at the Club and have always found them to be a professional and diligent company who have provided cost effective solutions.".

Rodger Pollard, General Manager, March 2011.


Project Summary

Services Provided by Turfdry

  • Golf Course Survey
  • Drainage Design
  • Fairway Drainage Installation
  • Pond Construction & Landscaping


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