Fairway Drainage, Pond Construction & Course Landscaping

In 2014, Turfdry were contacted by The Rayleigh Club in Essex , where wet winters had precipitated course closures of up to 3 months of the year. The club’s current owner, Jamie Saitch – who bought the club in 2013 – had recognised that these widespread waterlogging problems were the main stumbling block to his aim of making The Rayleigh Club the destination for golf in Essex.


"As the owner of the Rayleigh Club, and having had Turfdry install drainage to both our championship members course and our pay & play course, I can honestly say that both courses have gone from being only playable 8-9 months per year to 12 months a year; in fact, the only closure we have had since the drainage was installed has been due to frost. 

The product works and works well, the planning and services given are exceptional, and I would recommend both to anyone looking to make their golf course an all-round better playing surface. We have found that not only are the fairways much dryer, the growth we are experiencing since the drainage has been installed is also much thicker and healthier. 

To me, the ultimate proof is that we now have over 50 people waiting to join the members course as they are aware that they are pretty much guaranteed all year round golf, and I’m certain there cannot be many golf clubs that can boast that fact. "

Jamie Saitch - Owner

After considering proposals from various drainage companies, he was impressed by Turfdry’s enthusiasm and professionalism, as well as their unique Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain. This quality product drains water three-times faster than conventional plastic pipe, and can be installed in trenches only 50mm wide, thereby combining maximum drainage efficiency with minimum disruption to the existing turf.

With the scale of the task so significant – MD Melvyn Taylor describing it as one of the wettest courses he has seen in 20 years of Turfdry operations – the deign process was aided not only by a state-of-the art satellite survey, but also by discussions with the club’s management and greenkeeping staff, to capitalise on their extensive experience of the course. The final approved design has Hydraway Sportsdrain at 4 or 5 metre spacing, from tee to green on every hole of the Club’s South Course, thereby balancing optimum technical efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

Turfdry’s extensive experience of careful project planning, combined with a strong working relationship established with the club’s greenkeeping staff, facilitated a smooth operation, with a minimum of 16 or 17 holes remaining in play at any time. Indeed, many members took a break from play to compliment the process’ tidiness and efficiency.

Turfdry were also contracted to design and construct additional ponds across the course. Using the satellite survey data, 3D models and computer-generated images were created to enable design approval by the owner; these computer models are then fed into the state-of-the art bulldozers and excavators equipped with laser-control systems and GPS. This approach, combined with finishing touches from skilled plant operators, enabled Turfdry to transform the club’s visions into reality.

Delighted with the effectiveness of the drainage over the winter of 2014/15, the client re-engaged Turfdry to design and implement drainage improvements to the East Course, and expand the earthworks element on the South Course to include reshaping existing ponds, the expansion of new ponds into even more dramatic designs, tee construction, and course landscaping.


The tremendous success of Turfdry’s work at The Rayleigh Club can be attributed not only to the cutting-edge technology used in the design, construction and installation process – and the unique Turfdry Drainage System - but also to Turfdry’s belief in a holistic approach to course improvements: by taking the time to develop a strong understanding of the course, and the goals of the owner, Turfdry has provided cost-effective solutions to wide-ranging problems in an atmosphere of clarity, collaboration, and trust.

Project Summary

Services Provided by Turfdry

  • Full Topographical Course Survey
  • Drainage Design
  • Drainage Installation
  • Pond Construction
  • Tee Construction
  • Course Landscaping


The Rayleigh Club



The Rayleigh Club
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