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Shirley Park GC is one of many golf clubs with which Turfdry has benefited from ‘repeat business’, based primarily on the success of the drainage works carried out but also on the strength of good working relationships that have continued to flourish even with changes in personnel.

Turfdry was first contacted by one of the Directors of the club in 2001, following the wettest 12-month period since records began in 1766. In common with many golf clubs at that time the course suffered from extreme waterlogging in certain key areas, with four holes most badly affected. Turfdry designed and installed remedial drainage works for these areas using the Turfdry Drainage System, liaising closely with the Course Manager and General Manager. The works were very successful and further works were arranged for the following year, by which time a new Course Manager (Richard Evans) had been appointed. Richard was also immediately impressed by the Turfdry Drainage System and, by 2005, had decided to use the system on two of his worst performing greens (3rd & 13th). Excellent results were achieved from these Turfdry (Greens) Drainage Systems. 

Turfdry has since returned to carry out further drainage works at Shirley Park GC in 2009 and 2010, again in 2014, and is currently planning for additional greens to be drained in the autumn of 2017and Turfdry looks forward to continuing its excellent relationship with the club and its staff.



"By analyzing rainfall data we have proven that the drainage works designed and installed by Turfdry has slashed the number of course closures. The works were carried out in a clean, tidy, prompt, and efficient manner and Turfdry would be our first port of call for any future works".

David Roy - General Manager, Shirley Park Golf Club


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  • Greens Survey
  • Drainage Design
  • Drainage Installation


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