Athletics Infield Drainage Installation

The multi-million pound Julie Rose Athletics Stadium in Ashford, Kent, was a wonderful addition to the sporting facilities of south-east England but when it opened in 1997 it became immediately apparent that the central athletics field had severe waterlogging problems and was unusable during wet weather.

Turfdry was asked to design a solution. Site factors dictated that a shallow drainage system with minimal gradients was required and conventional plastic pipes would have been unsuitable in these circumstances. Hydraway Sportsdrain however, can function effectively with little or even no gradient and was therefore the obvious choice.

The recommended Turfdry Drainage System was installed with Hydraway Sportsdrain at 2 metre spacing, at zero gradient, running across the width of the sports field connected to non-perforated carrier pipes at minimal gradient. These connected to existing, shallow outfall pipes that ran under the athletics track at each corner of the infield.  The system designed by Turfdry provided an immediately effective solution that has now stood the test of time for 20 years. When Turfdry proposed a similar system to drain Hellingly RUFC's 1st XV pitch in 2017, the rugby club contacted Ashford Borough Council to get feedback on the system at Julie Rose Stadium they were told that the drainage system continues to perform excellently. This response was a key factor that led the club to choose the Turfdry Drainage System for the Hellingly RUFC pitch, which was drained in September 2017, and back in play in November 2017, with excellent results: Hellingly RUFC Case Study.

Project Summary

Services Provided by Turfdry

  • Pitch Survey
  • Drainage Design
  • Pitch Drainage Installation
  • (Hydraway Sportsdrain at 2m Spacing)


Julie Rose Athletics Stadium



The Julie Rose Stadium
Willesborough Road
TN24 9QX



"Not only did the Turfdry Drainage System provide an immediate solution to the waterlogging problems... it also provided a long-lasting solution too".

- John Barton - Ashford Borough Council

(Speaking six years after the works were completed).