Pond Construction Progressing Well at The Rayleigh Club

Added: 12th November 2014

In addition to their largest drainage project to date - the comprehensive installation of The Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain on all 18 holes of The Rayleigh Club's championship standard South Course - Turfdry is also constructing a number of new ponds, in addition to making modifications to existing water features to maintain a uniformly quality aesthetic across the course.

Following detailed discussions with the club's management - to best understand their vision for the course - the data collected by the satellite survey was brought into play once more. In addition to providing the levels information vital to the effective design of the drainage system, this information is fed into sophisticated 3D land re-modelling software to produce 'cut & fill' volumes and some mock-up images to help the client confirm their ideas have been effectively translated into a plan of action.

Once the client is happy, the design is fed to state-of-the-art excavators and bulldozers, which are equipped with laser control systems and GPS linked to the computer design software. All that remains then is for Turfdry's skilled and experienced operators to transform design into reality as quickly, and with as little disruption to the course, as possible.

Excavated material from the ponds are transported to pre-arranged areas of the course, and incorporated into the landscape in the form of shaped mounds, new tees, or filled out low-spots before re-seeding.

For more information on the benefits of satellite course surveys, take a look at Turfdry's Golf Course GPS Survey Information Sheet.