Turfdry Enjoys a Successful Return to Enfield Golf Club

Added: 3rd July 2015

Turfdry carried out successful works at Enfield Golf Club in 2014,  installing a flood mitigation scheme designed to return the course to play as quickly as possible following flood conditions brought about by the Environment Agency’s construction of a residential flood barrier at the eastern boundary of the course.

Included in these works was the installation of the Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain on the 10th green, which was commonly cited as the wettest green on the course. The system’s performance over the winter was so impressive that Enfield Golf Club quickly contacted Turfdry to design and install its greens drainage system on a further seven greens in 2015.

The satellite survey of the course initially undertaken for the 2014 works again formed the foundations of the design work, and was supplemented by a number of site visits to ensure total sensitivity to the demands of the club, and the issues present on the course.

Despite some classically challenging British weather, the installation was carried out quickly and efficiently, and a subsequent site visit revealed very positive opinions regarding the speed and tidiness of the works - General Manager Paul Beresford-Green noting that “many members have complimented the tidiness of the greens work”. Furthermore, all of the greens are recovering well, and all are now back in play.

Turfdry are delighted that the works have gone so well, and look forward to continuing its excellent working relationship with Enfield Golf Club in the future.

Keep an eye out for further updates on the greens' recovery, or visit the news section to find out more about Turfdry's work.