Turfdry's 2017 Operations Tee Off at Enfield Golf Club

Added 3rd April 2017


Following successful works at Enfield Golf Club in 2014 and 2015, Turfdry was delighted to be invited back to the club for further drainage works in spring 2017.

Impressed by the superb performance of the Turfdry Greens Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain since its initial installation on the course in 2014 as part of a flood mitigation scheme, the Golf Club has sought to expand drainage improvements across the course to help provide an optimal golfing experience for its members year-round.

Having developed a friendly and efficient working relationship with both the clubhouse and greenkeeping staff, Turfdry's experienced and professional team was able to complete X greens and a small section of fairway drainage - despite the tryingly inclement weather that swept across the capital in the early part of the month. This posed particular difficulty during the turfing operations, which require a great deal of patience, care and attention to provide ideal conditions for re-growth/re-instatement, and a quick return to the green's full use.

With the drainage installed and the turf re-laid, the greens should be back in play within 3-4 weeks; be sure to keep in touch with our news section to stay up-to-date with this and other Turfdry projects, or try clicking the category tags below to find related stories.