Turfdry Team Receives High Praise From Lockerbie Golf Club

Added: 22nd May 2019

Turfdry received an Initial enquiry from Lockerbie Golf Club in April 2018, when the club became aware of the possible availability of grant funding for much needed fairway drainage improvements. Turfdry responded with a submission of budget costs on the basis of a Google Earth desktop study.


Several quotes were received by the Golf Club, but as there was no specification issued the club had to try to compare ‘apples and pears’. The grant funder was keen for a local contractor to be used but the local contractor who had priced the works went out of business, enabling Club Captain, Elena Coppola, to approach Turfdry, who would have been the club’s first preference based on their specialism and track record. The club paid for a ‘refundable’ site visit by Melvyn Taylor (M.D.) and Stuart Wormleighton (Turfdry Site Manager) in December 2018, to assess the drainage problems and meet the management committee.

Specific drainage proposals for the 9th and 10th fairways were drawn up to fit within the overall available budget, based on Turfdry’s unique Hydraway drainage system, and it was then a case of waiting for a suitable window of decent ground conditions combined with a favourable weather forecast. An opportunity seemed to present itself in February 2019, but after a pre-start site visit by Turfdry, the weather forecast changed significantly and all agreed that the proposed start should be postponed. After another site visit to assess conditions in April, works were given the go-ahead and were completed over a three-week period. In order to maximise the amount of drainage installed, Head Greenkeeper, John Irving and his staff worked closely with Turfdry, providing assistance throughout the works. Greens Chairman, Jim Black, and the other committee members were all most complimentary about the way that the works were carried out, and the entire project was a pleasure to carry out from Turfdry’s viewpoint.

A previous attempt by a drainage contractor to drain the 10th fairway had failed, but the Club is confident that there won’t be such a repetition with Turfdry - 

"I also want to take the opportunity, to thank Stuart and the boys for the work they did for us over the last 3 weeks – It was a pleasure having them on site and can’t praise them high enough for the level of workmanship and how they worked with us at the Club – There was very little disruption to the course at all. It all looks good and I am sure will be very effective.”

- Elena Coppola (Club Captain)

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