Hanwell Town Pitch Improvement Project Catches Premier League Attention

Added: 22nd March 2019

Turfdry have been delighted to monitor their 2018 pitch improvement project at Hanwell Town FC’s Powerday stadium thanks to the in-depth reporting of the club’s very own ‘man on the touchline’ - Clive Cook - and the wealth of photos shared by the club’s commercial director Nigel Hunt, which are a credit to a club of its size, and further testement to its ambitions for the future. Despite some challenging conditions, the pitch continues to look fantastic - in no small part thanks to the continued efforts of Head Groundsman Tom Duffy, who thanks to his double-duty as first-team centre-back can take pride in knowing it’s quality defending rather than a poor playing surface that stops the opposition from scoring!

The success of the project and the enthusiasm of the club caught the eye of the wider media world thanks to a short documentary piece commissioned by the Premier League, with even former local lad Peter Crouch weighing in on the new pitch. Indeed, with word out about the standard of the pitch, it was called upon by Sheffield United for training on their recent trip to the capital for their game against Brentford - a testament to the quality of the playing surface, which has been transformed from a fixture-disrupting bog to a billiard-table sheen thanks to the combined efforts of Turfdry, Benningtons, and the club - as well as the financial contributions from the FSIF, and the technical support offered by the Institute of Groundsmanship. 


We are very proud to have contributed to the ongoing success of such a dynamic non-league club, and will be supporting them with high hopes for a bright future. For more information about the project, take a look at the case study in our portfolio section. 

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