Hanwell Town Pitch Improvement Project Catches Premier League Attention

Turfdry have been delighted to monitor their 2018 pitch improvement project at Hanwell Town FC’s Powerday stadium thanks to the in-depth reporting of the club’s very own ‘man on the touchline’ - Clive Cook - and the wealth of photos shared by the club’s commercial director Nigel Hunt, which are a credit to a club of its size, and further testement to its ambitions for the future. Despite some challenging conditions, the pitch continues to look fantastic - in no small part thanks to the continued efforts of Head Groundsman Tom Duffy, who thanks to his double-duty as first-team centre-back can take pride in knowing it’s quality defending rather than a poor playing surface that stops the opposition from scoring!

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Sward Developing Quickly at Hanwell Town FC

Thanks to the cooperative and collaborative spirit of the Hanwell Town FC staff, the pitch improvement works at the club’s Perivale Stadium ground have been completed by Turfdry.

Working in tandem with the installation of a new irrigation system, the Turfdry team have installed a pitch drainage system with Hydraway Sportsdrain at 3m spaces, connected to a 100mm perforated plastic pipe carrier drain. To help keep the club’s overall costs as lean as possible, the irrigation main was installed in the same trenches as the carrier drain and the lateral drains running along the touchlines.

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