Turfdry Digs up a Challenge at Abbey Lane in Staffordshire

Added: 5th June 2014

Working for Galliford Try and Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Turfdry is currently working on the construction of three football pitches – a senior, junior, and miniature pitch – on land adjacent to the existing pitch used by Hanley Town FC.

Initial inspections of the site revealed that the sub-soil ground conditions varied considerably between the different sections of the site – a likely consequence of the land’s industrial history, which has seen it used as a dumping ground for mining spoil.

Consequently, whilst some areas of the site are abundant with high-quality sandy subsoil that is ideal for football pitch construction, others have a subsoil layer littered with rubble and bricks.

Turfdry’s design will therefore see the proposed site of the Youth pitch ‘over-dug’, with the final subsoil levels being lower than necessary. The additional excavated material will be used to form a subsoil layer that will sit on top of the mining spoil where the Senior pitch will be constructed, laying the foundations for a high quality sports surface.

Although the site’s chequered history continues to throw up challenges – such as a mysterious brick chamber that no-one knew existed – and the unseasonal weather has temporarily brought work to a halt, Turfdry is excited at the prospect of delivering another quality project for Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Make sure to check back soon to see how work progresses.