Work Progressing Well at Passmores Academy

Added: 22nd May 2014

With the wettest winter on record now firmly fading into memory, Turfdry has been able to return to Passmores Academy - seen above before Turfdry's work began - and resume work on the sports facilities, which was interrupted last year by the weather. 

The weather however, was not the only challenge involved with this project...

With the elements having allowed for the installation of the Turfdry Drainage System using Hydraway Sportsdrain during the spring, and the summer sun now well on its way, conditions should be ideal for the impending cultivation and seed works, and Passmores' pupils will soon be able to enjoy a full winter of fixtures on a sports field that will complete the rejuvenation that began with the construction of the school's £25 million main building in 2011. 

For more information about Turfdry's work at Passmores Academy or elsewhere across the country, check back to the Turfdry news section soon.