Visit to Turfdry Constructed Wetlands Reveals Great Progress

Added 8th September 2016


Spurred by the rise in residential flooding due to the dramatic rain events of the winter of 2013-14, Enfield Council sought to construct a flood barrier to the east of Firs Farm Park. In fitting with the Council’s holistic design philosophy, this project was combined with the restoration of a river that formerly ran through the park but had been diverted into an underground culvert decades ago - the resulting spoil from the excavation of the river being used to form the barrier. 

During the construction, Turfdry’s experienced team worked closely with the Council’s engineering department to ensure that the aesthetic ambitions of the project were realised as well as the practical ones. A recent visit to the site to catch up with its natural development revealed the efforts were not in vain, and a rich bounty of plants and animals are flourishing along the river’s winding route and shallow pools. 

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